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Language Fest 2024

The Language Teachers’ Association of the NT (LTANT) is pleased to announce that registration will be opened on Monday 15 July for Language Fest - Speaking and Poster Creation Competition in 2024. First of all, we would like to express our deepest thanks to Alatai Holiday Apartments, The Confucius Institute, Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia, Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney and The Japan Foundation, Sydney for supporting this event.
This year, the competition will again be broadened to allow students to both spoken and written work. We will be receiving submissions to this competition ‘online’ with students able to submit pre-recorded video and digital poster entries.
If you wish to register, please read the following guidelines (downloadable) carefully before registering.

​2024 LTANT committee

Final Language Fest 2024 poster (1).png

Language Fest 2024 Guidelines

1. Competition Background:

This year marks the 6th year of Language Fest in its current format. The aim of the competition is to encourage learners who are studying a language to showcase their language skills. Students are able to enter the speaking category or the poster category. Students may even enter both categories should they wish.


1.1 Aim of Competition:

The competition enables participants to showcase the fruits of their language learning.

It is an opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas in language, and the speech preparation or poster creation process provides a valuable learning experience.


1.2 Competition Format:

Students are required to register for the speech or poster competition via

They are then required to send the link to their competition entry to by the upload date.


2. Division & Length of Entry:

2.1 Speech Competition:

2.2 Poster Competition:

Division poster.png

2.3 Possible Speech/ Poster Topics:

The subject, content and form of the speeches are left open to each contestant. Entrants who have competed in previous competitions may not use the same content as previous years.

The theme for 2024 posters is: The Olympics

Students may choose their own topic or use one of the prompts below for their speeches: 

A. Contemporary Issues:

B. When I travelled to…….. 

C. My ideal holiday destination

D. A profile of a famous person

E. My Dream Weekend

F. Self-Introduction and Hobbies 

G. Interview


*Indonesian language students should visit to see suggested categories. 

** Japanese language students who are participating in NihonGO will need to check the competition details if they plan to enter into both competitions as the specifications are different. For more information about NihonGo, please visit


2.4 Eligibility:

  • Students must enter one of the background speaker language categories if they are a background speaker of the language.

  • If entering the speech competition, students must submit a video of them speaking, rather than adding audio to a PowerPoint. 

  • Students are permitted to compete in Language Fest 2024 if their language teachers are members of LTANT. Teachers need to check who holds their institutional membership as to which students are permitted to enter competition.


3. Upload:

Please ensure that when the links are shared with the student’s entry that the link is accessible by anyone. Please see the Upload Guidelines .


4. Judging Criteria:

Content and Structure of speech/ poster 50% (structure development, originality and uniqueness, message impact, justification, engagement)


Vocabulary and Grammar 30% (grammar and expression, language variety, pronunciation and



Preparation & Originality 20% (delivery, enthusiasm and fluency/visual presentation)


4.1 Judging & Judges

Judges will be from the field of language education and members of the language speaking community and will decide the winners. Judges will determine the place allocated to each contestant in the order of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. In case of a draw, the judges will determine the outcome through discussion. If judges suspect the use of translation tools, e.g. Google Translate or Chat GPT, the entry will be disqualified. The judges ‘decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. The content of the judges’ discussion is not open to the public at any time.


5. Award Announcements:

Language Fest results will be released on 13th September 2024 along with the 2024 Competition Report. An email will be sent to the language teacher with the school’s results. Students who receive a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing will be announced on


5.1 Prizes:

All contestants will receive a participation certificate. Prizes will be awarded in each division for those who place 1st, 2nd& 3rd. The prizes will be delivered to the school following the competition.

5.2 Media: 

Uploaded videos and posters may be used in publications such as promotional videos for future contests. All participants are asked to consent to this activity in the application form on


6. Key Dates:

15th – 26th July – Registration Open

23rd August – Uploads close (links to be sent to by this date

6th September – Judging Closes

13th September – Competition Results Announcements

* No late entries will be accepted.

Any questions? Please contact LTANT at

Category 1
Poster Competition

Registration opens 15 July to 26 July 

Category 2
Speech Competition

Registration opens 15 July to 26 July 

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