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Rejuvenate, Rebuild & Review

Rejuvenate, Rebuild & Review

LTANT PD - Rejuvenate, Rebuild & Review
Friday 11 December 2020
​CDU Casuarina campus

MLTASA 2020 AGM Guest Speaker Presentation

Resource May 2020

MLTASA 2020 AGM Guest Speaker Presentation

John Hajek's Language Promotion 3.0 Methods Tried, True and New.

Watch John Hajek's livestream from
the MLTASA 2020 AGM (25/03/20)


Ways to get teachers, principals and parents to care about language education! Tricks to get people to value your work and advocate for language education. 

How to make a PowerPoint video for students

Resource April 2020

How to make a PowerPoint video for Students

Microsoft Teams Webinar

Resource March 2020

​Microsoft Teams Webinar

This webinar covers the installation of MS Teams, how to join a team with a code and provides a tour of the interface showing the web based interface and the difference between the teacher / staff and student version of Teams in the Department of Education. It shows you how to use the chat and assignments function.

Free E-Learning

Did you know that there is free elearning available to all NTSchools teachers? Click on the button below to view free PDs on all sorts of topics.

Digital Learning Resources

Free E-learning
Digital Learning Resources
$50 Resources for Members

$50 Resources for Members

LTANT is offering our members a chance to buy a language related teaching resource of their choice of up to $50.


What you have to do:

•Buy your resource

• Email the following to our Treasurer ( before 11 Dec 2020.

  1. Completed LTANT reimbursement form

  2. Scanned copy of receipt

  3. 100 word summary about the resource that includes:

- Title/Author/Publisher of resource

- Why did you decided to buy this particular resource?

- How did you incorporate this resource into your language teaching?

- Finish the sentence “One great thing about this resource is….”

- Give the resource a rating out of five stars.

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Resources Reviews
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