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Dear Language Fest 2023 Competitors and their teachers within the Northern Territory, 


Thank you for your participation this year in our competition. This year the competition had a total of 445 entries over 9 languages (Filipino, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malayalam, Mandarin, and Spanish) from 18 different schools within the Northern Territory, including: Australia Asia Community School, Bees Creek Primary School, Bradshaw Primary School, Casuarina Senior College, Centralian Middle School, Darwin High School, Darwin Languages Centre, DMAASC Paddipura School, Durack Primary School, The Essington School, Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Haileybury Rendall School, MacKillop Catholic College, Milner Primary School, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College (Traegar & Bath Steet Campuses), St Paul’s Catholic Primary School and St Philip’s College.  

This year, we opened up a poster component to the competition to also provide students a different way to showcase their language skills. The standard of this competition was incredibly high, with the best from each school sending in their videos and posters to compete in the competition. Through this annual contest students had an opportunity to use public speaking skills in a real-life scenario and have their hard work and accomplishments recognised. It has been an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their language skills. 


The adjudicators made their decisions based on the matter, manner and method the contestants employed in presenting their speeches and also how the student’s posters aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The prepared speeches and posters showed an understanding of multiculturalism and open-mindedness and were well developed and interesting.  


We would like to congratulate all participating students for the commitment they put into learning their speeches, as well as give special acknowledgement to those who achieved a place or commendation. We would also like to thank the time and effort put in by the adjudicators of the competition. Without your support this event would not run. Our sponsors that we would like to thank this year include The Japan Foundation, The Indonesian Consulate and the Confucius Institute for their support and wonderful prizes, which will be making their way to the contestants in the weeks to come. 


We hope that the Language Fest competition will keep growing in the years to come and hope to see you all participating in our competition in 2024. 

Happy Language Learning! 

Language Teachers Association of the Northern Territory

  • Filipino Winners Language Fest 2023

  • French Winners Language Fest 2023

  • German Winners Language Fest 2023

  • Indonesian Winners Language Fest 2023

  • Italian Winners Language Fest 2023

  • Japanese Winners Language Fest 2023

  • Malayalam Winners Language Fest 2023

  • Mandarin Winners Language Fest 2023

  • Spanish Winners Language Fest 2023

Language Fest 2023

The Language Teachers’ Association of the NT (LTANT) is pleased to announce that registration will be opened on Monday 17 July for Language Fest – Speaking and Poster Creation Competition in 2023.  This year, we are brodening the range of the competition, where students can submit both speaking and written creations. We will be receiving submissions to this competition ‘online’ with students able to submit pre-recorded video and digital poster entries.


To be eligible to compete, the student is required to be enrolled in a language course in the Northern Territory. Their language teacher must also be a current member of LTANT. Background speakers are welcome to participate but need to be identified in the student registration and tick the box ‘Language spoken at home’.

Categories and Divisions

There are two categories: Poster Competition and Speaking Competition.

Prizes and Awards

All contestants will receive a participation certificate. In addition to this, the winner of each category will be presented with a prize from a language representative of the Northern Territory, such as the Goethe-Institut Sydney, Japanese Foundation, Alliance Françoise, the Indonesian Consulate, and the Confucius Institute.


Monday 17th July - 31st July 2023 - Registration is open and completed online Teachers will then be sent instructions on how to upload entries after these dates. 

Friday 11th August 2023 - Posters and Videos are uploaded to education one drive, personal one drive, YouTube, Vimeo or other file sharing service. Links are to be shared with LTANT by this date. Submissions will not be accepted after this date or from students who have not registered for the event.

Winners will be announced on Friday 25th August 2023, via email and the Certificates and prizes will be sent out to awardees.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Upload Information

Students will need to send the link for their poster or video to: by 11th August. The files must be clearly labelled with the names of the competitors and the category they are competing in. For example: Speaking Competition - Cindy Lauper and Brad Pitt - French - Division C

Category 1
Poster Competition

Students are to design an A3 poster either digitally or print which inlcudes images, illustrations and texts. This year, the theme for the language posters is related to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. (Home - United Nations Sustainable Development)

We hope that you can use these posters around your school to better advertise your language learning and how to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

There are 4 divisions within the poster competition:

A: T-Grade 3 (Create a poster that includes 10 words)

B: Grade 4-6 (Create a poster that includes 20 words)

C: Grade 7-9 (Create a poster that includes 50 words)

D: Grade 10-12 (Create a poster that includes 100 words)

language Fest 2023 poster.png

Registration opens 17 July to 31 July 

Category 2
Speaking Competition

There are two divisions, Group Presentations or Individual Speeches. Within each division there are multiple ‘Year-Level’ categories.

The Group Presentations are only open for students in primary and middle schools. Students in groups of 2-4, present a role play or conversation in the language they are learning at school. Each member of the group must complete the online registration form.


The Individual Speech category is open to all year levels allowing students to enter this competition as well as any other Speaking Competitions, such as the NT Japanese Speech Contest, or the National Australian Indonesian Language Awards (NAILA). Students give a speech on a topic of their choice or use one of the suggested topics provided on the registration form.

language Fest 2023 Speaking.png

Registration opens 17 July to 31 July 

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