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July 2021

What an incredibly busy and productive few months it has been. The 23rd AFMLTA International Conference was a great success with more than 200 delegates from across Australia participating virtually. The keynote speakers gave inspiring talks that generated a lot of discussion, and more than 60 presenters of parallel sessions shared various aspects of their work. Congratulations to the Executive team for putting together a high quality professional learning experience and thank you to all involved. The National Assembly was held at the beginning of the month. This is made up of representatives from each MLTA/LTA and decisions are made about the business of the AFMLTA. This includes electing Executive Officers. AFMLTA Presidents serve a four-year term with one year as President-Elect, two as President and one as Immediate Past-President. Amanda Pentti is to be acknowledged for her work in these roles and we are pleased she is remaining on the Executive as Information Officer. Gillian Cordy has been nominated as President-Elect and we look forward to her leadership in the coming years. We are also pleased to welcome Claire Leong to the position of Promotions Officer. Nathan Harvey, President on behalf of the AFMLTA Executive Team Gillian Cordy, Kylie Farmer, Claire Leong, Anne-Marie Morgan, Amanda Pentti, Sherryl Saunders, Andrew Scrimgeour

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